When are you REALLY a tricker?

When are you REALLY a tricker?

It’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves at some point: “Can I really call myself a tricker?” From time to time we take an honest look at our skills and wonder if we’re good enough, if we’ve trained hard enough, if we have the spirit and drive to truly deserve being called a tricker. So when does the transformation happen? When do you turn from an average Muggle into something so much more, into an extreme athlete and radical artist? When do you become a tricker?


When every field of grass gets you REALLY EXCITED.

Oh yeah, this is a sure-fire sign that you’re a tricker. Turns out that we simply don’t look at the world the way Muggles do, and this definitely applies to the infinite possibilities we see in a simple patch of grass. I mean just THINK of all the tricks you could drop, all the level-ups you could experience on THAT patch of grass!!! AHHHHH ok gonna go train now BYE.


When you get injured.

Part of what makes tricking so fun and so badass is the risk factor. Getting injured is an occupational hazard! And as much as we hate injuries, chances are you’re not
a tricker unless you push your body to the limit, and maybe a bit farther, resulting in the occasional sprained ankle. Don’t get me wrong, bodily injury is not something to shoot for here, but it is definitely a part of what we do, even when you train smart.


When you start recognizing tricks in movies.

I recently freaked out when I saw a sick touchdown raiz swing cork in “The Maze Runner,” and I KNOW you guys did too. We’ve been seeing quite a bit of tricking on the big screen lately, from the latest “Captain America” to the recent TMNT movie starring four of our finest tricking experts. We see and understand something about those movies that millions of Muggles don’t and couldn’t, which is pretty dang cool.


When you can throw a nasty hook kick.

As tempting as it is to focus more on your twisting, a solid hook kick is an absolute must if you wanna call yourself a
is here to help.


When your eyes bleed from watching tutorials.

PRAISE YOUTUBE. We’ve got the skills and knowledge of the community at our fingertips, so when you’ve spent almost as much time learning
to train as actually training, then you’re definitely a tricker. Pro tip: while watching a tutorial on YouTube, if you click the gear icon at the bottom right hand side of the video, you can select “Speed” and slow the video down to half or one-quarter of the original speed! Pretty handy.


When you write combo ideas down… EVERYWHERE.

If you’re a tricker, you’ve probably got tricking on the brain like 24/7, so when you think of a move or combo you wanna try, you immediately dive for your phone, computer, or pen to write it down before you forget. Next session is gonna be a good one…


When you start saving up cash to go to a gathering.

Once you’ve been to your first gathering, there’s no turning back… You’ve gotta go again. So you start looking at all the upcoming events, checking your calendar, and trying your best to keep your bank account full because

When you support your fellow trickers.

If there’s one thing that makes our community so damn beautiful, it’s our support and love for each other. No matter where in the world you’re from, just post a video on the Facebook page and you’ll immediately get spammed with encouragement and constructive criticism. If you’re new in town and looking to train with the local crew, chances are you’re gonna fit right in. So when you start giving and receiving that kind of support and encouragement, you’re
a tricker.


When you feel it.

As important as all that previous stuff is, at the end of the day,