The Tricking Gathering Survival Guide

The Tricking Gathering Survival Guide

This is a guest post by Kyle Skelly. Thanks Kyle!


Going to the next big gathering? Going on a tricking tour across the world? Then keep reading. This guide will tell you everything you need to know.

For most reading this, chances are you have already been to a Tricking Gathering of some sort. For those who haven’t and are not sure what to expect… then hopefully this guide will help you out. Whether you are interested in Tricking, Meeting Trickers, Partying, Showering with several nationalities at once… Gatherings have it all.



It’s so annoying to be lugging around a massive awkward suitcase at a gathering, especially when there is a lot of walking between the gym and sleeping place involved, so for short 2-3 day gatherings I like to travel light. Here is a list of some of my essentials.

  • T-shirts / Singlets
  • Jeans
  • Tricking Shorts
  • Underwear/socks.
  • Towel
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Toothbrush
  • Painkillers
  • Camera

Sometimes when I feel like I can pack even lighter, I will skip out on a sleeping bag, and then try sketch myself one when I’m at the gathering. It’s quite easy when you know the right people, but if this is your first gathering, I would recommend taking one!

QUICK TIP – You don’t need a massive towel. I usually take this. It’s super small, takes up no space, dries super fast. If you don’t mind being completely exposed whilst drying yourself, then it’s perfect.

For longer gatherings or tours. I like to take a little more with me. I’ll usually bring a suitcase and fill it with every item of clothing I have (I don’t have much clothes) I’ll also take my camera bag and usually my laptop.



So you arrive at the gathering. The room is full of trickers. Some who you have maybe met before, some who you can clearly recognise from their tricks, and some who you have no idea. I remember my first big gathering, UK 2010, it was the craziest moment arriving and seeing your favourite trickers trick right in front of your eyes. I was a shy little 16 year old kid back in 2010. I remember it being quite intimidating to go up and introduce myself to some people. But really, it’s best to try talk to everyone. Generally trickers are super friendly, and meeting ANY new tricker regardless of their skill and reputation is awesome.


Actually tricking at a gathering can be quite intimidating sometimes. You really have to just get up there and start tricking. Once you realise that trickers are just as pumped up and excited when you land your first cork as they are when another lands his 20th triple cork. Then the pressure of ‘doing good’ is gone. It does not matter what level of skill you have, if you’re having fun, then it’s awesome for others to watch. If going up on the floor when the whole gathering is watching is too daunting, then you can always wait until everyone’s chilling.


Whenever I go to gatherings, I really like to party hard. The best nights of my life have been at gatherings. It’s my favourite thing in the world to trick all day with my best friends from all over the world, and then party all night with them. Not all gatherings promote drinking and wild antics, but some gatherings such as GIGA have a reputation for it. If drinking isn’t your thing then that is also cool. There are so much different groups of people at gatherings, so if you don’t feel like drinking, you can definitely find others who are not. Make sure you don’t go too crazy and ruin the gathering by destroying the gym or something. You should always respect the gathering hosts.



This is definitely the saddest part of gatherings. Saying goodbyes to your friends, both old and new, and knowing that you might not see them again for a long time. Leaving a gathering to go back to normal everyday life can really suck. The term Post Gathering Depression was created to describe this. Now that the gathering is over you can look forward to heading home, where you can eat good food, have stable internet, clean clothes, a comfortable bed etc. Gatherings to me are the best things ever. I can’t imagine anything better than doing what you love, with your favourite people in the world, who all share the same passion. Tricking is beautiful. Hopefully this is somewhat useful to anyone, I definitely had fun writing it!