The Top 12 Most Inspirational Trickers Who Never Lived

The Top 12 Most Inspirational Trickers Who Never Lived

Let’s face it: trickers are freaking rock stars. So if there are people that even WE look up to, then they must be pretty awesome right? After all, our heroes represent the things that we value most highly in the tricking culture! Sometimes the people we most admire aren’t even real, but they still say something about who we are and who we want to be as people, artists, and athletes. So with that in mind, here are the top 12 most inspirational trickers who never lived.

12) Peter Pan.

This guy is a no-brainer. First off, he’s pretty much got the perfect life: flying and flipping around Neverland, goofing off with the Lost Boys, battling with pirates, befriending Indians, and of course, snatching up British babes from their bedrooms. Peter reminds us that even as you get older, you’ve always got to keep alive that childlike enthusiasm for life. And if you’re not having fun with life, you’re doing it wrong! If this isn’t the core of tricking’s philosophy, I don’t know what is.

11) Aang.

Aside from being the best friend we all wish we had, our favorite Airbender shows us that to be the ultimate tricker, you need to be well-rounded. How can you defeat the Fire Lord if you haven’t mastered all four elements? Of course by that I mean kicking, flipping, twisting, and groundwork/transitions. So, know thyself; if you struggle with one of those, work on it until Aang himself would be proud!

10) Mr. Miyagi.

If you don’t know who this is, I need you to immediately stop reading and go watch the original “Karate Kid” because this is huge. Mr. Miyagi is everyone’s favorite wise, old Karate master, the guy who teaches you how to conquer your opponents and your life. He reminds even today’s trickers that if you patiently master the basics and maintain the right attitude, you can achieve anything. Wax on, wax off!

9) Mulan.

Okay fine, tricking is made up of mostly dudes. But we guys better stay on our toes, because with role models like Mackensi Emory and Tori Yo Fecteau, girl trickers are on the rise. And if Mulan, the only woman in her army, basically saved China all on her own, then I bet girl trickers can and will have a similar impact on tricking as our sport continues to grow.

8) Pikachu.

Does this guy need to evolve into Raichu in order to conquer his opponents? Does he need to be someone else to achieve his goals? No way. Pikachu demonstrates that we’ve got all the power we need inside of us, and that we should stay true to ourselves no matter what.

7) Naruto.

Like a lot of us trickers, Naruto started off as that loud, awkward kid who was seriously terrible at everything he tried. But with tons of practice and some help from his friends, he successfully turned into the loud, awkward kid who was seriously AWESOME at everything he tried. Epic metaphor for tricking progress? You know it.

6) Neo.

“The Matrix” is one of my all-time favorite movies, but ultimately Neo teaches us one very simple thing: if you’re gonna be flipping around, you might as well look freaking amazing doing it. So buy the right tricking clothes and point those toes!!

5) Don Quixote.

You mean that guy from that 900-page book written like 400 years ago? YUP. Hear me out; after he read a bunch of books about knights, Don Quixote decided to become a knight, just like that. And even though there were no dragons to fight and no princesses to save, he refused to live a boring, mundane life. Instead, he truly believed that he was a knight, and sure enough, he found himself in some pretty crazy adventures. This guy should be an example to every tricker out there about the power of belief and the commitment to living the life you want. Believe it, then achieve it!

4) Optimus Prime.

If you’re the head of a tricking team or gym, this is your role model right here. With unfailing wisdom, concern for his fellow Autobots, and unrivaled skill on the battlefield, Optimus shows us all how to be the ideal leader and teammate.

3) Link.

Not only does this guy have some sick backflips (and that frontflip-head-slash thing), but he embodies the very spirit of adventure. To fully embrace tricking (and life!) sometimes you’ve gotta step out into the unknown, traveling across the country or even the ocean to attend a gathering. And just like Link’s exploits, every time you walk away with some new abilities, friends, and lifelong memories.

2) Bruce Wayne, aka The Batman.

This guy is living proof that you don’t need superpowers to be arguably the most badass superhero of all time. Isn’t that basically what trickers are trying to do anyway?

1) Goku.

Ah, Goku… This is the person and tricker we all strive to become. His mind-blowing skill is impressive, but his compassion and zeal for life are absolutely unmatched. If you can develop the strength, determination, purity of heart, ability, and passion of Son Goku, then you will have graduated from the University of Tricking with a Ph.D. in Being Awesome at Life. Good luck!! What do you guys think? Did I miss any inspirational trickers who never lived? Comment below! Copyright 2014 Jeremy P. Price