Behind the scenes of Bergen Gathering 2012

Behind the scenes of Bergen Gathering 2012

My name is Kim and I’m from Bergen, Norway. I’m the host of Bergen Gathering, and I’ve been tricking for almost 5 years, on and off because of injuries. But yeah, 5 years.

As everyone that’s tried hosting a gathering knows, it’s kind of shit hosting gatherings. There’s a lot of work and a lot of things to prepare, there’s so much to do. But I think we got through Bergen Gathering 2012 alright. We made it easier to host without it affecting those who came to the gathering.

I think the entire gathering was a success. There wasn’t any serious accidents. Actually, except for one that everyone who was there last year knows about! And yes, we’re having another gathering but please don’t repeat this!

…it was the poop in the shower thing.

That was bad. Because we ended up picking that up ourselves. Actually it was Fosse, he had to do it. I was at home. But back to last year’s Bergen. It was the first year Invincible Tricking was there and we’d love to do the same this coming year.

Everyone who’s been to Bergen Gathering before knows about Fysak where we stay. They now have a full plyo floor, which is going to make it so much easier to host Bergen Gatherings. The gymnastics people who have hired out the full plyo to us in the past are not very easy to deal with, but now we get to host the entire gathering out of Fysak which is going to make things so much easier. And I really want to thank Fysak for doing this because they didn’t really have to, and they’re working very hard for us trickers in Bergen and to make sure Bergen Gathering actually has a future.

Something that was also a huge plus for last year’s gathering was the Xswipe Eurotrip that went around to pretty much every European gathering and was hosted by Ash and Xswipe. That was a giant event and took so much work, I know Ash had so much to do and I’m so glad he did everything he did as I got to meet a lot of my friends and a lot of new people. We’re talking with Xswipe for this year as well but we don’t want to spoil anything, but we’ll keep you posted!

This year, because we don’t have to deal with the other gymnastics clubs, we’re aiming on making it a lot cheaper to come to Bergen. Hopefully the gathering is going to be free, but we will most probably have to have a small fee to cover t-shirts and things like that.